The EARTH MATERIALS SCIENCE LABORATORY (EMS Lab) is a research laboratory that focuses on the role of earth materials in (i) geochemical cycling and the uptake of various elements in the earth’s crust; (ii) how these materials are used as raw materials resources; and (iii) processing of these materials to derive novel use and functionality. EMS Lab houses some of the most extensive facilities within NIGS.


Mineral Chracterization

Broad-Focus X-Ray Diffractometer with Thermally-Controlled Chamber (up to 1500°C) accessory
Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrometer with an Attenuated Total Reflection accessory (for mid- to near-infrared regions)
Ultraviolet-Visible Light Spectrometer with Cold-Vapor Mercury Analyzer
Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS)
Microwave Plasma – Atomic Emission Spectrometer (MP-AES)
Gas Chromatograph – Mass Spectrometer (GCMS)
Transient Electromagnetics (TEM) Equipment
Computer-Controlled High-Temperature Furnace capable of reaching 1700°C
High-Speed Ultracentrifuge (maximum of 20,000rpm)
WILD-LEITZ Optical Microscopes

Resource Evaluation Capability

Engineering surveying equipment (theodolite, autolevel, GPS with externally-mountable antenna)
Small-Format Digital Aerial Photography Equipment
RTK Differential GPS system (3 rovers and 1 base) with linked 2-ch Hydrographic Echo Sounder
Drilling equipment (small diameter – deep penetration portable drills and HILTI large-diameter surface drill)
Radon gas Probes used in hidden fault detection
Gemcom GEMS™, LeapFrog

Selected Projects Undertaken

Makati pipeline leak investigation and characterization
Mineral chracterization of various nickel laterite and saprolite deposits
Natural Analogue Studies for Nuclear Waste Disposal with BEDROCK GEOSCIENCES (Switzerland) and OBAYASHI CORP. (Japan)

Research in Geosciences

Laterite Mineralogy and Geochemistry
Igneous Petrology and Geochemistry
Generation of Hyperalkaline Non-volcanic Springs
Carbon Dioxide Geosequestration by Rocks and Minerals
Contaminant and Radionuclide Migration and Attenuation
Natural Analogues Studies for Radioactive Waste Disposal

In-House Expertise

Carlo A. Arcilla Ph.D. – high-temperature geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, mineral resource assessment, PMRC Competent Person Geologist


Faculty and Graduate Students

  • Russel Raffy Ong, M.Sc – geochemistry, clay mineralogy, instrumentation physics
  • Cherisse Ferrer, M.Sc – geochemistry, petrology, resource estimation, instrumentation physics
  • Meryl Calibo, M.Sc – geochemistry, mineralogy
  • Edmundo Vargas – hydrogeology
  • Margaret Honrado
  • James Andrew Leong
  • James Cesar Refran
  • Paolo Andre Benavides
  • Sofia Marah Frias
  • Carmela Tupaz
  • Adonis Gallentes

Research Staff

  • Fe Corazon Loreto – analytical chemistry, environmental engineering
  • Roxanne Samosa – analytical chemistry
  • Josephine Rafols – analytical chemistry
  • Florence Yogie Alano

Undergraduate Students

  • Karmina Aquino
  • Deo Carlo Llamas
  • Jeffrey Munar
  • Ren Thomas Marquez
  • Piere Justin Luya
  • Marjorie Garcia
  • Reymar Diwa
  • Emmanuel Codillo
  • Ramjay Botor
  • Rex Carranza
  • Cleodette Lagata
  • Jeffrey Bermido
  • Lemuel Mangahas
  • Jayvee Angeles
  • John Paul de Jesus
  • Darren Derpo
  • Jayson Pinza
  • Isabella Hermo
  • Jamela Jirah Clemente

Contact Us:

Room 216 EMS LABS

National Institute of Geological Sciences

University of the Philippines, Diliman 1101

Quezon City, Philippines

Telephone Number: 926-0246